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Removal of Oil from the Sunken Tank Barge Cleveco
Thursday, 9/7/1995

PCCI, Inc. provided engineering and pollution prevention services to DonJon Marine Co., Inc., (Hillside, New Jersey) the prime contractor for the removal of all No. 6 fuel oil from the sunken tank barge Cleveco.  The 260-ft Cleveco, with its cargo of oil, sank in December 1942 during a storm.  The barge was raised in 1961 only to be sunk again when another storm threatened.  The barge was located at a depth of 25 meters in Lake Erie, about 15 miles north of Cleveland.  The U.S. Coast Guard selected the DonJon Marine / PCCI team on June 29, 1995 to remove the pollution threat posed by the sunken tank barge. 

The job was completed on September 7, 1995, when the last of the 340,000 gallons of oil was pumped out of the wreck and delivered for recycling.  PCCI engineers provided on-site salvage engineering during oil recovery operations and were responsible for monitoring the oil content in the liquid removed from the barge.  Additionally, PCCI assisted with the procurement of oil spill containment and recovery equipment.  John Witte, Vice-President of DonJon Marine, Inc. and Chief Salvage Officer for the project, stated that, “PCCI did a great job of assisting us during planning and recovery operations.” PCCI was instrumental in mapping the hull and the precise locations for penetration of the tanks to ensure that the maximum amount of oil was removed from the barge.  In its support of DonJon Marine, PCCI used the HEC Salvage Engineering computer program (HECSALV) to provide estimates of projected oil outflow, taking into account the sunken barge’s attitude and trim.

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